Break Bulk


Break Bulk Shipping

Breakbulk cargo is generally shipped onboard container vessels, and this can be an efficient and reliable alternative to conventional ships.
Global Partners
With determined stevedoring partners positioned in key transport hubs around the world, we can often negotiate space on container vessels for breakbulk cargo.

This kind of project needs judgment and commitment and a substantial understanding of specific ports and shipping lanes.

Our Breakbulk cargo team will make themselves available at all times throughout the shipping process.

We will travel to ports or loading facilities for the most challenging projects to ensure the cargo is secured correctly and properly stowed.

Coordination with the appropriate teams within the seaport is crucial to allow incoming transportation to unite with mother vessels, storage and handling.
Key features of the breakbulk service include:

  • Cost-efficient and highly trained cargo handling.
  • Efficient tally and direction of cargo discharge/load.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Constant management at every stage of the shipment.
  • Onboard stevedoring teams.
  • Tarps, blankets, straps and pads.
  • Freight recovery services Hazardous shipment handling.
  • Oversize/overweight cargo handling
  • Special permit requirements.
  • Charter, part charter and conventional services.

We Offer

Customs clearance

Storage & Warehousing

Same day deliveries

Hazardous cargoes

Charter and Emergencies

OCS Ad-hoc Charter and Emergency Services teams are groups of specialists stationed around the world.
They specialise in providing the worldwide OCS network with expertise on a variety of air freight solutions.
Whatever your demand, we deliver with the right solution and will track through until the final destination.

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