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Cutting edge of ocean freight services

OCS is at the cutting edge of ocean freight services, with our company’s connection with customers is moving beyond a solely transactional business to value-added propositions.
Global Reach
OCS collaborates with leading carriers worldwide to safeguard capacity on busy routes with flexible transit times and competitive prices to clients.

OCS has regular sailings, an array of services and equipment, ensure that customers have the solutions that match their budget and specification.

Customers are looked after by dedicated cargo service teams, who oversee everything up to the final distribution, providing a single point of contact.
OCS has a presence in all significant cities and ports and enjoys partnerships with most of the world’s biggest ocean carriers.

For OCS, service reliability with IT integration are the significant features we look for when securing agreements with long-term partners.

OCS has its custom-built freight infrastructure, which seamlessly connects to both customer and shipping partners systems, allowing immediate order booking and real-time status updates along the supply chain.

We Offer

Customs clearance

Storage & Warehousing

Same day deliveries

Hazardous cargoes

We only work with best-in-class organisations and shipping partners.

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