At OCS, we have your automotive needs covered, from your suppliers or components plant to the assembly plant.
Benefit from a wide range of solutions for car components, engines, gearboxes, sensors, and tools and machinery for the production line at multiple production sites.

We're always ready to support you to keep your supply chain running during ramp-ups, continuous production or potential disruptions.

Oh, and did we mention cars? Of course, we're ready to move your top-secret concept cars or fully assembled production models anywhere in the world.

Just tell us what to ship and where then sit back and relax. With our worldwide network, we drive the freight forwarding process for you from end to end.
Service Solutions
  • End-to-end supply chain management
  • Move by air, by sea or use OCS intermodal freight services to combine the cost-saving benefits of ocean freight with the time-saving benefits of air freight.
  • Chartering on any given day with our emergency services.
  • 24-hour global servicing.
  • Find peace of mind with careful planning, damage prevention and customer insurance.
  • Demobilisation and decommissioning.
  • Transport as efficiently and sustainably as possible.
  • Customs clearance.
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